20 years of experience in the residential and commercial and industrial construction

Kevin Molleda, President – Pinnacle Construction Services

Kevin has been a presenter and mentor to the Realty Investment Club of Houston. in this capacity, he has lectured and advised during tours with board members on residential real estate. His talks would include many of the items a real estate investor should consider in purchasing real estate as an Investor. Concealed damage, structural integrity, electrical wiring, plumbing, foundation repair, roofing and all trades to complete the project.

New building codes are some of the items that must be addressed as part of the overall cost of renovating an existing structure. In addition, city building permits and inspections must also be considered in establishing the schedule for project completion.

His experience of over 20 years in the residential and commercial and industrial construction with a wide verity of investors provide him the ability to advice on costs associated with renovations and new builds. This information provides investors valued information on which to base the profitability of a real estate investment.

Kevin has successfully completed many projects with members of the Realty Investment Club of Houston.

Here are some of the larger jobs he has worked on:

Elegante Hotel

Beaumont TX

This project was bought as a Hilton inn foreclosure by in a investor out of Odessa Texas and changed the name to The Elegante. Second was a strip center that was bought after the hurricane that water rose about 6ft high everything was demoed and renovated due to city inspectors in Kemah Texas.